Rollback firmware AX5/AX1800/AX6/AX3600

Rollback firmware AX5/AX1800/AX6/AX3600

AX5 should be the same. There is no AX5 and it has not been tested.

Follow the normal process and flash back. The online posts say the same, here are only two key points. The

first point: When
choosing a network card, choose "Ethernet -> 192.168.31 ".xxx" beginning with
169 does not work, if it starts with 169, try to change it to For example, if you select the beginning of 169 and press Next, then press the previous step, it should become the beginning of
Or manually configure the wired network card, change the IP to, the subnet mask, and the gateway (I guess it should work, I didn't test it


Second point:
press the reset button and then turn on the power, etc. The orange light of the machine should flash after 10 seconds, and after flashing for the first time, it should not flash again under normal circumstances. If it keeps flashing, it should enter the Jike firmware after a few minutes of flashing. It

may be a problem with the PC's wired network card. I don't know what the problem is. I connected the LAN port of the router to the wired network card of the second old computer, and then pressed the reset button to power on, the orange light of the router flashed once, and then the orange light was always on, and I was able to flash the device.

Finally, by the way, the firmware version 1.0.378 can also open the SSH

flashing process. There is a progress bar, and this interface will appear: